VR Super Hero:

A space positioning game with accurate motion tracking and smooth operation with many shooting HD video games, kids games give player a free virtual immersion experience at VR Canberra

VR Canberra Super Hero

9DVR Egg Double Seats:

Dynamic theatric rides and adventures. Fun for two people to ride together, or go solo! VR Canberra

VR Canberra Egg

Tried VR Escape Rooms?

VR Skate Board:

Simulate real skating experience,  

VR Aircraft:

Experience 3 Different Modes of VR Aircraft Experiences

VR family 6 Seats:

Enjoy crazy adventure together as a perfect group or family trip at VR Canberra.

VR Super Racing:

HD movies simulates real driving experience, you can run on the track and enjoy a comfortable seat, flexible steering wheel, appropriate motion . Suitable for young people who like challenge. VR Canberra

VR Canberra Racing

Arcade Console Games

90+ Retro Games in Arcade Machine give you a chance to play them for FREE. Eg: Pacman, Space Invision, 1947, Contra, many more… 

Multi Player Gaming:

Eleven Assasin Bow & Arrow fight to save the kingdom with advanced technology in Oculus Quest 2.

4 Player Gaming