VR Canberra Super Hero
VR Super Hero

A space positioning game with accurate motion tracking and smooth operation with many shooting HD video games, kids’ games give players a free virtual immersion experience at VR Canberra.

9DVR Egg Double Seats

Dynamic theatrics’ rides and adventures. Fun for two people to ride together, or go solo! VR Canberra

VR Canberra Egg
VR Canberra Racing
VR Super Racing

HD movies simulates real driving experience, you can run on the track and enjoy a comfortable seat, flexible steering wheel, appropriate motion . Suitable for young people who like challenge. VR Canberra

VR family 6 Seats

Enjoy crazy adventure together as a perfect group or family trip at VR Canberra.

VR Skate Board

Real simulating skating experience.

VR Aircraft

Experience 3 Different Modes of VR Aircraft Experiences

Multi Player Gaming

Eleven Assasin Bow & Arrow fight to save the kingdom with advanced technology in Oculus Quest 2. 4 Player Gaming

Arcade Console Games

90+ Retro Games in Arcade Machine give you a chance to play them for FREE. Eg: Pacman, Space Invision, 1947, Contra, many more..